Ozum's Experience as a Hosted Buyer at IMEX Frankfurt 2023

Published on
June 6, 2023
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In the realm of industry conferences and trade shows, few events can match the global scale and influence of IMEX Frankfurt. In 2023, Ozum received a special invitation from Hilton to join the event as a hosted buyer, marking the beginning of an unforgettable journey.

From May 22-25, IMEX Frankfurt transformed into a vibrant global hub for the events industry, teeming with representatives from diverse destinations, cutting-edge event solutions, and distinguished venues.

This Hilton invitation offered Ozum a rare platform to connect with industry leaders and uncover fresh opportunities. Here's a look at some key moments from Ozum's remarkable journey at IMEX.

imex frankfurt 2023

1. Diving Deep into Hospitality

Interactions with various hotel executives gave Ozum an insider's view into the latest trends and innovations within the hospitality sector. These conversations opened the doors to fresh ideas and potential collaborations, promising to enrich Ozum's client offerings.

2. Embracing the Future of Event Technology

At IMEX Frankfurt, industry-leading companies like Cvent and Stova showcased the future of event technology. This glimpse into the evolution of event management technology offered a powerful insight into the future direction of the industry.

3. Exploring the World with DMCs

One standout opportunity at IMEX Frankfurt was the chance to engage with multiple Destination Management Companies (DMCs) from across the globe. These dialogues provided a deep dive into an array of captivating destinations, promising to enrich Ozum's portfolio of client offerings.

4. The Directors Agency Forum

Ozum also had the privilege of attending the prestigious Directors Agency Forum. This provided a unique platform to network with CEOs from around the world, gaining insights into the ever-evolving landscape of the meetings and events industry. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post that will delve deeper into Ozum's experiences at this forum.

5. A Global Tour within a Conference Centre

Speaking with representatives from tourism bureaus worldwide was like embarking on a whirlwind tour of potential event destinations. Notably, this experience unveiled exciting up-and-coming destinations that are perfect for events, offering a fresh perspective on the potential locales for future events.

imex show floow

Reflecting on their experience, Ozum's invitation to IMEX Frankfurt 2023 transcended the traditional networking and learning opportunities. It was a transformative journey that expanded Ozum's horizons, infused their work with innovative ideas, and emphasised the limitless potential within the meetings and events industry.

With the insights gathered at IMEX Frankfurt, Ozum is poised to weave these learnings into their service offerings, continually enhancing the experiences they provide for their clients. The future of the meetings and events industry is brimming with promise, and Ozum is excited to be a part of shaping it!

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