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At Ozum, we offer exceptional event planning services and destination management solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our dedicated professionals specialize in corporate events, incentive travel programs, team building activities, and exclusive gatherings.

About Us

Leveraging 30+ years of experience, we lead North and South America's corporate event planning with a commitment to outstanding service and attention to detail. Our skillful team delivers memorable experiences through creativity and unparalleled expertise.


"If you ever have the opportunity to collaborate with OZUM, I highly recommend doing so. OZUM has a proven track record of ensuring successful logistics organization."
Norbert van Rooij
Head of Governmental Affairs & Patient Centricity 
"All the people on the Ozum team are excellent professionals who do a wonderful job."
Diana Moreno
Marketing Manager Global Markets
"We are grateful for your continued support and appreciation for the outstanding work of the Ozum team."
Mr. Christoph Stolle
Regional Director LATAM
"Ozum was on hand for everything and went above and beyond to ensure we had all the support we needed for multiple requests."
Katrina Luckingm
Head of Communications and Engangement
"Simply extraordinary!"
Marilina Marcano
Commercial Execution Head & Strategic Projects
"This sales meeting was the best I've attended. It was well-organized, exceeded my expectations, and provided superb service. I was thoroughly impressed with the event, and even more so with the exceptional service provided by Ozum."
Ernie Loynaz
Vice President of Commercial Operations


Discover the best resources to make your event stand out.

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Corporate Event Trends 2024: Navigating the Evolution of Professional Gatherings
2024 reshapes corporate events with hybrid experiences, AI personalization, sustainability, and wellness focus, driving innovation and inclusivity.
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Beyond Borders: The Crucial Role of Scouting in International Event Planning
Scouting is the backbone of exceptional international events, intertwining cultural immersion, logistical precision, and authentic experiences.
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La Magia de los Renders en Eventos: Transformando Ideas en Experiencias Inolvidables
Los renders en eventos transforman ideas, facilitan ajustes, optimizan recursos y generan anticipación, siendo clave para experiencias inolvidables. Descúbrelo

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